The affairs of the branch are administered by a Board of Directors consisting of five elected officers and six appointed officers who meet at least nine times a year.  The elected officers are President, Vice President Finance, Vice President Programs, Vice President Membership, and Secretary.  The remaining six Board members are appointed by the President.  The Board also appoints committees, as needed, to conduct branch programs and activities.  All members are welcome to attend Board meetings but only the eleven elected and appointed officers are entitled to a vote.

Board members for the current year are shown below.  Please feel free to contact any of our AAUW Seattle Branch Board Members with questions, insights, or concerns:

Lynn Dissinger & Fiona Goodchild –

VP Finance:
Barbara Sando –

VP Programs:
Cynthia Sheridan –

VP Membership:
Robin Hendricks-

Rachael Foe

Appointed Officers and Other Contacts:

Nella Kwan –

Catalyst Newsletter Editor:
Cathy Anderson –

Marketing & Communications:
Tonna Kutner –

Public Policy:
Katherine Cleland –

College/University Relations:
Robin Hendricks-

Scholarship Program:

Scholar Recognition:

Tech Trek:
Tonna Kutner –

Board Member at Large:
Gay Armsden –